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Why Transformer oil , Insulating oil need Treatment?

Publish Date 2011-09-20
All high capacity transformers in use today have to cope with voltages in excess of 400kV, therefore it becomes imperative to maintain insulation properties of the transformer oils by rigid control over moisture, dissolved gases and particulate contamination. Transformer oil is in an environment that leads to degradation in its desired properties and even in a proactive maintenance program, transformer oil will lose its insulating and cooling properties over a period of time. The rating requirements and drive to tighter tolerances of modern transformer and electrical apparatus results in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To handle these stresses, oils are required to have better dielectric strength, and also lower residual water content must be maintained to reduce the speed of oil ageing. The periodic and proper treatment of these insulating fluids will result in the improvement of properties of the entire insulating system of power transformers and will extend the effective lifetime of the asset.

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